Beginner Flights

1st Timers – No Experience Necessary

Grand Flight


Saddle up and feel the rush as you climb above the beautiful Texas landscape. Side-by-side with your instructor you’ll embark on a sky high adventure of a lifetime.

Choose one of our incredible beginner flights and grab hold of some big Texas sky as the grandeur of the landscape unfolds all around you.

First Timers Receive:

  • Introduction and Short Ground School
  • Fly with USHPA (U.S.Hang Gliding & Paragliding Assoc.) Certified Instructors
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor (Motorized Hang Gliding)
  • Ability to fly the glider yourself depending on the Discovery Flight
  • All gear is included 


  • Give us a call to reserve a time and date for your flight
  • Groups are welcome 
  • All flights are photographed and/or videotaped
  • Impeccable Safety Record


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    1,000 FEET

    One “Grand” over the beautiful Texas landscape.  Side-by-side with your instructor you will experience the freedom of free flight at its grandest.




Grand Flight

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    1,500 FEET

    Your “Bucket” flight will have you hands-on in the driver’s seat with your instructor at your side;  on this amazing flight you’ll get the full-on experience of flying a hang glider so you can firmly cross it off your Bucket List.


Bucket Flight

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    2,000 FEET

    The “Adventure” only gets better as your instructor hands over the controls.  You’ll truly feel “free as a bird” on this high flight.



Adventure Flight

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    3,000 Feet

    The “Premier” definitely lives up to its name.  This flight is higher and longer giving you ample time to experience our playground in the sky.



Premier Flight

or… you can try Motorized Hang Gliding, freestyle soaring gives you hands on control and an opportunity to do lots of maneuvers,  while artfully turning your hand at mastering powered hang gliding flight 

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    25 Minute Lesson Flight


Flight 25

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    35 Minute Lesson Flight


Flight 35

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    Sunset Lesson Flight

    “Glory To The Sunset” -This glorious flight is so special as it happens close to sunset when the lighting is at its more luminous. You’ll take over the controls during the most beautiful part of the day.  Nothing can match the glory of a Texas sunset.


Sunset Flight

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    Learn To Fly

    Thinking about taking lessons, well learning to fly has never been easier.  Our training packages are just the ticket.

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