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Media Packages
Cowboy Up Apparel
Beginner Flights
Gift Certificates

Media Packages

In-Flight Photos (100-300 High Resolution photos)  $40.00
In-Flight Video & Photos (shot in HD & High Res photos) $60.00

Cowboy Up Apparel

Women’s Stylized Tees  $25.00
Crew Neck T-Shirts $25.00

Beginner Flights

1,000 feet – Grand Flight $149.00
1,500 feet – Bucket-It Flight $179.00
2,000 feet – Adventure Flight $199.00
3,000 feet – Premier Flight $259.00
1,500 feet Sunset Flight $269.00


Level I: 10 Lesson Course $895.00
Level II: 20 Lesson Course $1,595
Level III: Aerotow Course (HG pilots only)$95.00/per lesson
Level IV: Clinics (HG Pilots Only) $450.00-$600.00
Advanced Instruction: Landing, XC, Foot Launch, Surface Tow, etc.: $30.00/hour

Gift Certificates

The COWBOY UP GIFT OF FLIGHT is a fun, exciting and unique gift, for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or whatever the celebration. Adventure Calls! Just choose the Tandem Discovery Flight you want to give, and away you go! Give any Beginner Flights, Lesson Packages. Or for experienced pilots Aerotows are always a welcome gift.
Equipment Repair
Ground Schools

Equipment Repair

Glider Inspection & Test Flying: $100.00
Test Flights: $35.00
Parachute Repack: $50.00
Glider Tuning: $25.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus Aerotow
Equipment Adjustment, Sizing & Fitting: $25.00 (1 hour minimum)
LSRM – Annual or 100 hour Inspection available
LSRM – Repair available

Ground Schools

Preflight & Post Flight Briefings
Micro Meteorology
Risk Management
Take-Offs & Landings
Approach Patterns
Equipment Set-Up & Breakdown
Emergency Procedures
Safety Equipment
Proficiency Tests
Glider Storage
Equipment Rentals
Policies, Practice and Procedures
CUHG Release and Waiver

Glider Storage

Monthly: $20.00
Yearly: $220.00

Equipment Rentals

Hang Glider $45.00/day
Harness/Helmet/Parachute (single/combo) $45.00/day

CUHG Release and Waiver

If you wish, you may review and complete the Release & Waiver prior to your visit.  If you wish to do so please give us a call.  You may also wait until you arrive to fill out this Waiver.
Tandem Clinic
Open to Hang 4/Advanced Pilots only. Clinics are conducted in accordance with the USHPA guidelines for Tandem Clinics. We offer Tandem 1 and Tandem Instructor Ratings. Please allow three days for this clinic for Tandem Instructor Clinic. Please be sure you meet the USHPA requirements for the rating you seek.
Aerotow Clinic
Experienced pilots can obtain their USHPA Special Skill Aerotow sign-off by taking a minimum of one tandem flight with one of our Tandem Instructors. It is at the discretion of the Tandem Instructor as to how many tandem flights will be needed.
Parachute and Repacks Clinic
Ground instruction on how to properly annual/inspect your own hang gliding parachute. Learn how to maintain and repack your hang gliding parachute.
USHPA Hang Ratings
Student, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced Ratings and Special Skills offered at no charge. Pilots must meet the requirements and pass the written USHPA examination and flying skill tasks. Logbook proof may be necessary.

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